For Doula Services:

“I am so grateful for having Leovita during labor and at the birth of my son. I don’t know how I would have managed without her support as labor intensified. We experimented with different positions and calming methods. Even though it did not go how I planned because I ended up getting an epidural, Leovita made sure that it was what I really wanted before they administered it. I felt more secure knowing she was there before and after my son was born to help follow through on my birth plan and to keep an eye on what procedures they were doing with  my baby while I was still unable to move. I am eternally grateful.” 

-Shanna S.

For Facial Services:

“Days later I cant believe how much my skin  is still glowing after having received a facial from Leovita. Her service & care go far beyond what one typicallay expects for a facial- as her flow,  attention to detail and her palpable desire to make you feel so special and cared for- radiate out from her and into you and your healing for your entire treatment. I will definitely be returning  and have been recommending her to all of my friends.” 

-Laura P.